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Revisal Support

Revisal Support, powered by Gi Group is an outsourcing and consulting service for Revisal compliance. It is a full-service solution:

  • Collection of data
  • Registration in Revisal application
  • On-going up-date
  • Correction
 Revisal Support is implemented in two stages:
  • Pre-service implementation: customer revisal database analysis and optimization for take-over
  • Service implementation: on-going collection of data, registration, on-going up-date and correction for all Revisal transactions - labour contract start and end, addendums, changes related to labour relation (name and contact details change, position and salary changes, job location change etc.)
 Why Revisal Support, powered by Gi Group
  • We work with speed and utmost accuracy
  • We share liabilities with our Client related to the revisal activity
  • Guaranteed strictest confidentiality with regards to information provided by your representatives during our cooperation on this assignment
  • By saving your time, it allows you to concentrate on the core business and to achieve competitive advantage in a rapidly changing over-regulated business environment